About Us

Regal Decision Systems, Inc. (REGAL) is a Maryland firm specializing in operations research and process flow management with the added capability of utilizing our internally developed software solutions to illustrate options and facilitate the decision making process for our clients. Our software has received SAFETY Act Developmental Testing and Evaluation Designation from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, which provides added protection that none of our competitors can offer. At REGAL, we know that one size does not fit all and we provide our clients with unique solutions specific to their particular interests and requirements. Our expertise in flow management enables clients in government and industry to assess the impact of intended changes or unplanned events on a facility or corresponding process, focusing on particular points of interest or evaluating the entire system. Such processes could range from the staffing of baggage screening to the inspection of international commercial traffic, from the capacity of sea ports to handle trade fluctuations to the evacuation of personnel during emergency exercises.

Our comprehensive process provides services in Traffic Management, Crowd Management, Emergency Management, Resource Management, Vehicle and Patron Processing, and all Critical Infrastructure.

These areas also include:

  • Homeland Security
  • Airport Security
  • Infrastructure Planning
  • Border Management
  • Facility/Resource Analysis
  • Transportation Management
  • Staffing Allocation Analysis
  • Evacuation Planning and Support

Since 1997, Regal Decision Systems has been at the forefront at every level to improve system efficiency and operating productivity. We continue to support our clients with REGAL methods that have shown proven value time and time again over the past 19 years.

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