Airport management is a complex and dynamic operation which involves optimizing passenger flow, implementing new security procedures, identifying opportunities for increasing revenue streams, or any combination thereof. All airports around the world have multiple combinations of operational concerns. Air traffic is a major artery to citizen and commerce movement throughout the world. A few of the constant challenges are as follows:

  • Traffic flows (pedestrian and baggage)
  • Optimal configuration of equipment in renovated and new terminals
  • Pedestrian flow related to leased space (revenue enhancements)


The REGAL experts have been consistently supporting airports for many years. We have supported commercial entities, local authorities, and federal clients with many complex issues. REGALís software development team has created a specific tool to enhance the capabilities of REGALís Analytics division. This tool, AirportWizard™, was designed specifically for use in analyzing passenger and baggage movement through airports, from terminal entry, through ticketing, to security checkpoints, and finally onto departing planes. It also incorporates the movements of arriving passengers through terminals to baggage claim areas and on to the exit. All of this is designed to assist airport management with operation decisions, as well as planning initiatives.


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