Border Crossings


Traffic bottlenecks are an ongoing problem at many border crossings around the world. Commerce traffic has increased, but the infrastructure of these crossings that supports the flow of goods and patrons has not. To reduce congestion and minimize vulnerabilities related to traffic queuing at the crossings in the US, the federal government has implemented many changes to this process. But what will the effects of this change actually look like for our nationís ports of entry?


Over the last fifteen years REGAL has developed a comprehensive process to analyze these potential changes. We have supported every port of entry in the nation with these services and have developed software tools to assist in this understanding and analysis process. These tools, BorderWizard™, CanSim™ and SimFronteras™, are used extensively by every government in North America for analysis of existing and proposed border station configurations and practices. They are the accepted standard for providing objective analytical reports for land ports of entry throughout North America and were adopted under both the Canada/US and Mexico/US Smart Border Accords as the official tools to evaluate all security initiatives at NAFTA land crossings.


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