Commercial Buildings


Commercial facilities are faced with numerous responsibilities and unfortunately, in this day and age, the security of your company or your tenants is as important as the bottom line. Landlords must appeal to future and current tenants providing comfort and security, but with discreet and tasteful approach. Are you liable for all of your tenantsí and patronsí safety and is there more you should do? Do you meet all ADA and NFPA standards and regulations?

Owners of commercial buildings are challenged with these questions on a daily basis. Without proper support and expertise, you may be spending a copious amount of time uncovering only moderate solutions for you and your tenants.


REGAL knows these facilities and has successfully tackled these challenges for many years. We have the ability to work with engineering firms during the facility design phase and support the building owners and operators once the environment is in place. The public can take comfort in knowing that their safety has been considered, but also great satisfaction in the notion that lifestyle changes are not required to support this mission. We can maintain the integrity of your facility design, maximizing comfort and appeal, while also ensuring that security objectives are achieved.

Our F2O services provide a total solution. Not only can REGAL provide recommendations to resolve these many issues, but these services and visualizations have been used for many years for justifying budget expenditures, both to the private sector and in congressional hearings.


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