Crowd Management

REGAL understands the difference between crowd control and crowd management. While crowd control may be an appropriate response to particular volatile situations, it is an ineffective and overbearing approach for everyday management of your facility. Crowd management is the process of properly informing and directing your patrons in a responsible manner to achieve specific goals. With this in mind, our F2O services consider the careful balance between safety and security, and providing a satisfactory experience for our client’s patrons or tenants.

REGAL practitioners have supported many high profile professional sporting organizations, including the NFL, with our SAFETY Act Developmental Testing and Evaluation designated software solutions and services. These services and solutions enable total flow optimization of any facility. REGAL has developed recommendations and training for our clients and their staff to address emergency situations as well as normal operations. As an example, REGAL uses the F2O tools and methodology to increase our client’s vendor and advertisement revenue based on location and patron flow throughout the facilities.

As a leader in crowd management support, our subject matter experts truly understand the balance of safety and experience for our clients and have provided solutions for their challenges over the past 20 years.

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