Emergency Management

REGALís emergency management services include the development or enhancement of Emergency Action Plans, Emergency Management Plans, and personnel training curriculums. These F2O services coordinate contributions from all involved parties, including the facility management team, local first responders, local or federal emergency management teams, and patron outreach programs. Our comprehensive approach ensures that proper communication and discussions occur with all responsible participants. This iterative process is often deployed from the early design stages of a project to complete implementation of our clientís operational strategy.

For example, REGAL has deployed our emergency management services at a number of National Security Special Events (NSSE) including the last two Republican and Democratic National Conventions. Our team has also supported the last two Super Bowls and will continue this service with the next three Super Bowls, working to develop emergency evacuation plans and strategies. For these facilities, REGAL experts have utilized our SAFETY Act Developmental Testing and Evaluation designated software application and services which include the liability protection backed by the Federal Government in the event of an act of terrorism. REGAL is the only option on the market that has this designation and liability protection.

As a leader in the emergency management sector, our F2O subject matter experts understand the importance of proper emergency management. Times have changed, and REGAL is helping our clients to incorporate state of the art techniques to enhance security procedures and better protect our citizens.

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