Facility Flow Optimization (F2O) is our comprehensive approach to provide an all inclusive solution to achieve the optimal methods for planning, staffing, training, and managing your facility in order to increase safety, security, client satisfaction, and corporate efficiency. No one has the subject matter expertise, the experience, and the proven results that REGAL possesses. From government to the commercial sector, REGALís complete cycle of services provides one exclusive source for all your facility solutions.

The F2O Cycle of Services includes:

Planning | Leveraging our experience, we can apply our F2O techniques during the planning stage of a project to examine all facets of your proposed or existing facility and provide support in establishing the requirements for the task at hand, such as design capacities and staffing levels.

Design | Our proven F2O approach provides the ideal platform to evaluate and support all tasks related to the core developments of your facility, from creating emergency action plans to assessing the design of a new building or changes to existing infrastructure.

Implementation | Upon deployment, our cycle of services provides support through many avenues, from developing supporting reference materials to conducting training exercises, and we can help broadcast the message by inspiring collaboration with all necessary parties and supporting the development of public awareness campaigns.

Assessment | Through our partnership, we can help you to leverage results and lessons learned to continually reevaluate and improve upon your facilityís practices for various scenarios to achieve set goals and maximize your return on investment.

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