Government Buildings


Millions of people a year visit national museums, consulates, and other government operated locations all around the world. It is a very difficult task to design these facilities while fully accounting for safety and security, general functionality, and building esthetics. It often seems a great deal of effort is devoted to designing an impressive structure and environment that will ensure a notable experience, but does not optimize the available space for the most efficient operations. So how can design firms and facility operators work in tandem to develop a beautiful and welcoming building while also providing the highest levels of security and customer satisfaction, especially in today’s budgetary climate?


REGAL Decision Systems experts have been supporting these issues for the past 15 years. We understand the important balance of safety, esthetics, and specific operational requirements, and our F2O services have saved millions of tax payer dollars in support of this balance. Avoiding wasted time and construction costs, ensuring proper implementation of technology enhancements, and determining optimal utilization of available staff are only a few areas where we have been able to provide money-saving solutions. And REGAL F2O analysts understand the importance of planning for today and the years to come.

Our staff looks at each specific situation independently since no solution is ever a constant. This focus to your specific needs places REGAL ahead above of our competition.


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