Emergency Evacuation Plan Simulation Modeling.

REGAL understands the intricate and complex dynamics of traffic & pedestrian flow. Our solutions help clients not only manage this complexity, but also capitalize on it, to optimize flow within a multitude of infrastructure systems and scenarios.

Proven Technology, Proven Experience.

REGAL has been providing planning, design, and management solutions for over 20 years. Our unique skills, tools and subject matter expertise have allowed us to support many government agencies and commercial industries in making key decisions.

  • REGAL Evac

    REGAL Evac is a discrete event simulation model that evaluates evacuation plans and pedestrian flow for any facility, producing results in the form of 3D animation.

  • BorderWizard

    BorderWizard is a facility design and planning tool that allows you to define the infrastructure and operating characteristics of any land border station.

  • AirportWizard

    REGALís AirportWizard software uses flight schedules, flight demand data, and passenger arrivals to analyze and validate airport operations at any level.

  • REGAL Consulate

    REGAL Consulate is a 3D tool that allows our analysts to review and test every facet of the process for an individual to proceed through a consular facility.

  • REGAL Rail

    REGAL Rail is a discrete event simulation tool that our experts utilize to assist in analyzing various scenarios at any rail station in the country.

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