Infrastructure Analysis

In addition to evaluating the impacts of processing and resources on a facility, REGAL has the capability to conversely apply those same F2O techniques to determine the impact of facility design on the operations and flow. Facility construction holds the highest initial cost and could also pose the largest impediment if not properly designed to optimize facility flow. A projectís budget may limit the size of a facility, but our F2O services can ensure that you build the proper facility.

Over the years, REGAL teamed with a multitude of design firms to support the justification and planning phases.

Our F2O services provide a rare look at all aspects of your design:

  • Operational Requirements
  • Future Space Requirements
  • Customer Satisfaction

When our experts have completed these studies, you can rest assured that the functionality of your designs will be rivaled only by the appearance of your new facility.

REGAL experts have accumulated a vast body of knowledge on public and commercial facilities, stadiums, arenas, and high rise buildings over the past 20 years. We will continue to support our clients domestically and abroad as we add to our ever-growing expertise.

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