Regal Goes Overseas, Provides Support for New Arena in Uruguay
04/06/15 09:01PM | Category: Evacuation


Image Courtesy of L. Lagomarsino & Associates

REGAL has been busy conducting evacuation analyses for the Antel Arena that soon will be constructed in Uruguay.  The designers of this new state of the art multifunctional complex, which will seat up to 15,000 people, wanted to test and evaluate the proposed design to confirm that it allowed adequate room for the crowd to exit the venue in a safe and timely manner. Working alongside Luis Lagomarsino of L. Lagomarsino & Associates, REGAL was asked to provide their Facility Flow Optimization (F2O) expertise, which included a full 3D visualization of the evacuation flow out of the arena and onto surrounding terrain & parking lots. The arena was evaluated at full capacity for multiple scenarios, including a basketball game and a concert with additional floor seating.

With an estimated construction cost of $40 million, it’s understandable why the core design team wanted to test their evacuation plans before any concrete was poured. REGAL was able to provide multiple visualizations as well as a full statistical analysis report to show the design’s functionality, allowing for a safe and secure evacuation.

REGAL is continuing their support to the international market in Uruguay with an evacuation analysis at multi-level Banco de la República Oriental del Uruguay (BROU) headquarters in Montevideo. Additionally, there are plans for a future project to support new construction to one of the oldest soccer stadiums in Uruguay.

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