Outdoor Venues


Large outdoor spaces present an extremely challenging environment for community planners and emergency responders. From smaller venues like parks and zoos to large areas such as college campuses, the responsibility of maintaining order and providing a safe, secure environment is a daunting task to say the least. Adding high volumes of people to these areas for gatherings such as music festivals or political events only heightens the need for intense preparation and the attendees have an expectation that organizers have taken such measures to ensure their safety. Where can people seek shelter if inclement weather is approaching? Where is the optimal location to provide mass transportation? Questions like these require detailed solutions and meticulous planning before an event takes place.


Being able to visualize the movement of people over these expansive spaces is essential for fully understanding the entire system. REGAL provides that capability by constructing and analyzing pedestrian flow simulation over large areas in 2D using aerial photographs and satellite imagery. Our analysts also offer the expertise to translate the analytical output into tactical decisions that will optimize the flow and eliminate chokepoints and other potentially dangerous hindrances.

From specific operational planning for a scheduled event to general emergency response preparedness for a spontaneous hazardous situation, REGALís F2O approach delivers a total solution and the tools needed to implement it.


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