Patron Processing

Since 1997, REGAL experts have been studying the impact of individual patron flow and processing on an entire system. The facility management team is driven by a metric of customer satisfaction, while assuring security concerns and requirements are identified and accounted for.

REGAL’s F2O expertise has been globally deployed to support many federal agencies including the U.S. Department of State. Our services have been requested time and again to evaluate changes at an existing consular facility or the development of a new consulate to ensure that the design scope and operations are adequate to accommodate future demand. As coined by our clients within the Department of State, we “REGAL-ize” the design to optimize processing and flow, and ensure proper utilization of the available footprint for American Citizen Services (ACS) and Immigrant/Non-Immigrant Visa (IV/NIV) services.

As the best solution for your patron and customer processing optimization, REGAL’s F2O solutions will continue to support our clients in multiple arenas of processing and will extend to areas that have not previously been considered.

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