Millions of people worldwide utilize mass transit in their day to day lives. However, the infrastructure used to house these services is often very limited by the surrounding physical landscape. The management of a railway station and platform is an extremely daunting task. It is essential that facility operators are able to infuse the inherent nature of mass transit operations into a secure environment, turning a feverish mass of individuals into one efficiently flowing system. But how can this be accomplished while also increasing profitability, ensuring customer satisfaction, and providing the safety and security that is necessary in current times?


REGAL Decision Systems supports our clients with answering any and all of these questions. F2O is a vital tool that can evaluate all aspects of facility operations and determine the ideal solution to address all of these challenges. Based on foot traffic patterns, you can determine the most profitable locations for your vendors and advertisers, while also ensuring that customer satisfaction is achieved. You can utilize these same services for planning in the case of a secluded or mass panic emergency. REGAL experts have supported many platform studies to develop more appropriate manners to evacuate patrons while getting the first responders in place to handle the situation.


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