Now more than ever, the safety and security of our nationís youth is in jeopardy, with unspeakable acts of violence occurring at schools and universities across the country. School administrators are responsible for the incredibly difficult task of providing a comfortable learning environment for their students, while also protecting them from hazards, such as random acts of violence, a facility fires, or even environmental threats like inclement weather. So how can school officials provide the security needs to properly address these situations and still maintain the warm, educational atmosphere we want for our children?


These crucial issues are what make the REGAL F2O process so valuable and unique. Fully understanding a situation and the ramifications of various responses to that situation prior to such an event can vastly improve the decision making process and increase confidence in the appropriate actions. And providing the ability to present these decisions visually can have dramatic impacts on the entire process, from informing the public to training staff and personnel and even to coordinating the response with local law enforcement.

REGALís F2O services can provide vital information for responding to perilous situations, such as optimal resource placement, shelter location capacities, and ideal egress paths. These key pieces of information can help keep an already tragic situation from getting worse.


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