Senior Management Team

Joseph Borkoski, Jr. | President

Mr. Borkoski is the President of Regal Decision Systems, Inc. He guides the company in providing support services for stakeholders with emergency planning and management, as well as for a facility’s overall experience and comfort for its patrons. These services have supported clients over the past 17 years in evacuation planning, ingress planning, staffing, facility designs, trade corridors, and total traffic management. Mr. Borkoski also oversees the utilization and validation of empirical models to support clients through validated analyses and forecasts.

Mike Dowling | Director of Analysis

Mr. Dowling has developed procedures and protocols for every facet of the analysis process, including data collection, data reduction, model development, simulation analysis, and model verification and validation. He manages the analysis team and is responsible for allocating resources, establishing timelines, acquiring necessary data, reviewing all work and deliverables, and presenting the results to the client.

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