M&T Bank Stadium | Baltimore Ravens

"We have been wrestling with how to best shelter people in place for several years and the REGAL Evac Simulation Tool illustrated how it can be done efficiently and effectively; this knowledge could potentially save lives.

Roy Sommerhof | Vice President, Stadium Operations

NFL Stadium Evacuation | Department of Homeland Security

I see REGAL Evac as a tool with the potential to become inextricably woven into the fabric of sports security planning. REGAL Evac is a valuable asset for emergency preparedness at large venue operations within critical infrastructures.

Mike Matthews | DHS Program Manager

2014 Grand Prix | Port Imperial Racing Associates LLC

"The REGAL Evac Simulation Tool will better equip our staff to execute operational and emergency plans during the race. The output visualization facilitates the discussions between ALL parties involved, and allows us to focus on the safety of the patrons at our venue."

Richard Aschenbach | Director of Public Safety, Port Imperial Racing Associates LLC

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