Training & Awareness

REGALís F2O experts have the ability and the tools to evaluate any facility, enhance the flow and operations, and determine the optimal usage of space and resources. These analyses can support decision makers and stakeholders, increase system efficiency, reduce cost, and improve the safety and security of staff and customers. However, the benefits of these analysis results will not be fully realized unless the proper steps are taken to implement the changes, train the staff, and spread awareness to all necessary parties. To that end, REGALís F2O approach includes a library of corresponding materials to assist in conveying the information in a clear and concise manner.


Evacuation Videos (*Includes Audio) | In order for an evacuation plan to be successful, it is essential that the public is informed of the proper procedures. REGAL creates evacuation videos to develop awareness prior to an event and provide visual instructions during an evacuation.

Resource Allocation | Training staff on proper placement is made easier with REGALís resource allocation materials. The interactive maps indicate the optimal individual locations for crowd direction based on various criteria and are accompanied by a detailed list of roles and responsibilities.

Reference Guides | To ensure the entire staff is fully equipped with the necessary tools to manage a situation, REGAL provides pocket-sized reference booklets containing the key information and graphics specific to the location, position, and scenario at hand.

At REGAL, we realize the importance of working closely with our customers to ensure they fully understand the valuable insight we are providing. We offer many products and services just like these to further that effort and help our clients implement change and spread the information to all necessary parties.

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